Case Study Luck Stone


"Without a doubt, Austin Powder is an extremely valuable supplier to Luck Stone. Blasting is a primary component to our business. And on any given day we have a need to blast at one site, up to five or six sites. And we have very high expectations that Austin Powder s able to meet our needs in supplying those sites. And that doesn’t come without challenges. Austin Powder continues to work hard and has never really let a business interruption to happen at Luck Stone Corporation."
John LeGore President, Luck Stone Corporation
"The relationship we have with Austin Powder is great in that it is so easy, it’s so relaxed. If I ever have a problem or a question, I just give them a call. It doesn’t matter what time or where I’m at. At the same thing if they have a question or a problem. We work really well together."
Josh Morris Blaster, Luck Stone
"We do our own blasting at Luck Stone. We are really proud of that. What we seek are good working products."
George Field Senior Blasting Technician, Luck Stone
"The whole objective of the quarry is to make various kinds of rocks. And the crushing of the rock starts in the pit. The first place you are going to get the crushing going is in the shot. So you design the shot right to get the rock fragmented good enough that when it goes through the main crusher and it goes up into the plant area it doesn’t have any problems, snags or hang ups or a lot of big rocks that require secondary breakage. "
Billy Zimmerman Senior Corporate Blasting Technician, Luck Stone
"Blasting is extremely important. It is a key to us meeting our goals, producing the rock we need to produce. Without drilling, without blasting, we have nothing but a beautiful rock deposit. We don’t have material for our customers."
Bryan Smith Mine Development and Blasting Manager, Luck Stone
"Fortunately for us, stone is a main ingredient in the infrastructure of our great nation. Whether we are building roads, bridges, schools , homes or hiking trails, we believe our product will be used for many generations to come."
John LeGore President, Luck Stone Corporation
"The Boscobel Plant initially started mining around 1880 and has been continuously mined since then. Luck Stone has owned the Boscobel Plant since 1930. We mine granite here and we do about one and a half millions tons per year of rock production. We ship by truck and we ship by rail."
Bryan Smith Mine Development and Blasting Manager