Case Study Luck Stone – Shared Values


"I would say that the two companies, Austin Powder and Luck Stone, value a lot of the same things. Number one, Safety is first and foremost at both companies. Number two, is taking care of our people. When you think of companies like ours that have been in business through multiple generations, it has been because of our people. And the third component is taking care of our customers. If we don’t do a real good job of taking care of our customers we don’t need to worry about the other two."
John LeGore President, Luck Stone Corporation
"Austin has been a great company to work with. When I think of Austin, I think of them as family. They are a part of our industry, our business. They make our jobs really easy. When it comes to Luck Stone’s values, safety being at the top of the list, they always come ready to work safely."
Mitchell Edwards Pit Foreman, Luck Stone Corp
"Austin has done a good job of setting their own bar high. We’ve always used Austin and it’s always been the same. Trucks are always ready. Communication is always high. They are here when they say they are going to be. And they deliver every time."
Tony Gilman Plant Manager, Luck Stone Corp
"Within Luck Stone we put a huge value on our personal values and our values leadership. We know how important it is that someone cares about us the way we care about them. We want a vendor relationship where we feel we get those shared values because that’s the way we are wired."
Bryan Smith Mine Development and Blasting Manager
"Vendor relationships at Luck Stone are very important. We spend a lot of time thinking about the relationship in terms of a long-term relationship versus a short-term relationship. We spend an inordinate amount of time trying to build relationships throughout several levels of the organization. And we feel that if we are successful there we achieve a high level of trust. And at that point in time that relationship then turns into more of what I would call a partnership."
John LeGore President of Luck Stone Corporation