Construction Services



Commitment to Safety

Blasting plays a vital roll in a wide variety of both large and small construction projects, as well as site work for homes, roads, malls, tunneling, shaft sinking and canal widening. For more than 180 years, Austin Powder Company has been in the business of helping customers blast rock safely and efficiently. Our long history reflects continuous development of new, safer and more reliable blasting products and innovative technologies. Today, Austin serves the construction market throughout the Americas and around the world.

Our top priorities are to work safe and to blast safe.

Our commitment begins with our commitment to safety. We employ certified blasters, state-of-the-art delivery systems and the safest and highest quality products. We also place great importance on environmental concerns, minimizing or eliminating any environmental impacts.

Blast Optimization

Each construction project is different. Requirements and constraints regarding blasting are different, and every day, the conditions on site are different. Blasting efficiently is the goal no matter the changing conditions. Austin is able to provide products and support to customers’ blasting crews, or perform the blasting with our own teams, either way achieving the desired results.

Technical Services

Austin provides services to our customers in three different areas: The first service area is the most fundamental – the safe delivery of quality products to customers who store their own products and perform their own blasting. In addition to reliably delivering the customer’s products on time, Austin is always available for technical support on a moment’s notice.

The second service area is daily delivery where Austin stores the product, manages the regulatory burden and delivers the product for the day’s blast to our customer’s internal blasting crew. Here again, Austin’s technical support can assist our customer’s blasting crew in numerous ways to help them achieve their desired results.

Austin’s third service area consists of a complete shot service. In this area, Austin provides the highest value to our customers. Through deployment of our own blasting crew supported by our world-class technical services group, Austin brings all of our collective experience and high quality resources to achieve the best results for our customers.


  • Product Characteristics
  • Blast Geometry
  • Geology
  • Laboratory/Field Tests
  • General Surveying
  • ABS (Austin Blasting Software): Computer-aided blast design allows computer simulations and blast design review during the planning stages.
  • Laser Profiler (2D, 3D): Provides data to help control blasting safety and environmental effects of blasting.
  • QED virtual mining software: A state-of-the-art computerized “virtual mining method” software package helps provide solutions to any customer issues or problems.
  • Borehole trajectory/deviation: Hole measurement
  • Geologist’s Compass


  • Product Performance
  • Timing
  • Rock Movement
  • Vibration & Airblast
  • Video Cameras
  • High Speed Cameras
  • Data Acquisition Systems
 – VOD (Velocity of Detonation)
  • Timing
  • Seismographs


  • Muckpile Distribution
  • Digability
  • Fragmentation
  • Backbreak
  • Cost
  • Laser Profiling
  • Photographic Fragmentation Analysis