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了解奧斯汀粉末,我們的產品,服務,所服務的行業,以及如何在最適合您的地區與我們聯繫。 Zjistěte více informací o společnosti Austin Powder, našich produktech, službách a průmyslových odvětvích a zjistěte kontaktní informace na naše zástupce ve vašem regionu. Learn about Austin Powder, our products, services, industries served, and how to contact us in the region that works best for you. En savoir plus sur Austin Powder, nos produits, nos services, les industries desservies et les moyens de nous contacter dans la région qui vous convient le mieux. Erfahren Sie mehr über Austin Powder, unsere Produkte, Dienstleistungen, die belieferten Branchen und wie Sie uns, in der für Sie am besten geeigneten Region, kontaktieren können. Tudjon meg többet az Austin Powder-ről, termékeinkről, szolgáltatásainkról, az általunk szolgáltatott iparágakról, és arról, hogy miként léphet velünk kapcsolatba a régióban, amely a legjobban működik az Ön számára. Pelajari tentang Austin Powder, produk, layanan, industri kami, dan cara menghubungi kami di wilayah yang paling sesuai untuk Anda. Lær om Austin Powder, våre produkter, tjenester, bransjer servert, og hvordan du kontakter oss i regionen som fungerer best for deg. Dowiedz się więcej o Austin Powder, naszych produktach, usługach, obsługiwanych branżach i o tym, jak skontaktować się z nami w regionie, który działa najlepiej dla Ciebie. Aflați mai multe despre Austin Powder, produsele, serviciile, industriile noastre și cum să ne contactați în regiune care funcționează cel mai bine pentru dvs. Узнайте об Austin Powder, наших продуктах, услугах, сферах обслуживания и о том, как связаться с нами в регионе, который лучше всего подходит вам Získajte informácie o spoločnosti Austin Powder, našich produktoch, službách, odvetviach a o tom, ako nás kontaktovať v regióne, ktorý vám najlepšie vyhovuje. Conozca sobre Austin Powder, nuestros productos, servicios, industrias atendidas y cómo contactarnos en la región que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades. Lär dig om Austin Powder, våra produkter, tjänster, branscher som serveras och hur du kontaktar oss i regionen som fungerar bäst för dig. เรียนรู้เกี่ยวกับ Austin Powder ผลิตภัณฑ์บริการอุตสาหกรรมที่ได้รับและวิธีการติดต่อเราในภูมิภาคที่เหมาะกับคุณมากที่สุด


Unsurpassed Customer Service

Austin Powder is renowned for its unsurpassed customer service and its broad range of engineered solutions – from bulk trucks to underground units; emulsion technologies to electronic initiation systems; predictive vibration modeling software to optimized blast design. All solutions are developed to advance the safety, reliability, and efficiency of breaking rock.

“If we don’t have customers, we don’t have a company. There’s no question that’s who we are all working for.  Our customers look to us for solutions, they look to us for reliability, and they look to us to solve their problems.  The reason they buy from us is because they can depend on us and they know our product quality is fantastic, they know our delivery times are on schedule, and they know we are doing things safe on their property.  Having our customers be some of our biggest champions, our biggest supporters, has made this company a success for nearly 200 years.”

John Rathbun, President and CEO Austin Powder

  • Steve Chaney – Quarry Manager, Fairborn Cement Company

    “Due to the nature of what we do and the amount of blasting we have to have on-site, having Austin Powder here several times during the week, they tend to become less of a contractor and more of a part of our family.”

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  • Brian Dillard – Vice President, Bullet County Stone

    “Whether we’re working on surface or underground, Austin Powder works with us to help us reduce negative impacts. By the air-blast reduction, by the vibration reduction, throughout that entire process.”

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  • J.P. Lefrancois – Muskoka Minerals and Mining

    “We use Austin Powder for various reasons. Number one is safety. The people at Austin Powder are very professional and they work along with our strict timelines. Our crushing contractor prefers to come here because of the total shot service that we receive with Austin Powder."

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  • John LeGore – President, Luck Stone Corp

    "We spend an inordinate amount of time trying to build relationships at all levels of the organization. When we’re successful, we reach a point of achieving a high level of trust. The Austin Powder relationship has turned into more of a partnership, based on the philosophy of creating a win-win, where there is value on both sides.”

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  • Kursten Walton – Carmeuse Regional Purchasing Manager

    “Austin has really helped us understand our total blasting process from start to finish and they’ve helped us grow our blasting process exponentially. They have been exceptional as far as providing technical services to us. It’s been a very positive relationship.”

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  • Tony Gilman – Plant Manger Luck Stone Corp

    “Austin has done a good job with setting their own bar high. We’ve always used Austin and it’s always been the same. The trucks are always ready, the communication is always high, they’re here when they say they’re going to be here, and they deliver every time.”

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  • Bruce Smith - President & CEO Hutcheson Sand & Mixes

    “They're with us from cradle to grave, I call it. We set the shot that we want to set and then once we do that with Austin they take over from there. We have a lot of liabilities when we're shooting and Austin is a great partner, they’re with us all the way. There's a lot of other companies that do what Austin does, but I don't think they do it as well. We have a lot of competitors that are doing the same thing. So we want to make sure that we're doing it as good or better than any of them.”

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  • Jim Gilliam – Carmeuse Site Operations Manager

    “Austin Powder has been very incremental in helping us look at our blasting process. We were looking at a certain size of material, they helped us with our design and the types of products we needed to achieve this outcome on a very consistent basis.”

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  • Kenny Harris - Mine Supervisor, Gaddie Shamrock

    "Austin Powder used some new technology to help us overcome some of our battles and helped increase our production of usable product."

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  • Bryan Smith – Mine Development and Blasting Manager Luck Stone

    “We put a huge emphasis on our personal values and our growth and our values leadership. We know how important it is that someone care about us the way we care about them. We want a vendor relationship where we feel we get those values. We need shared values, because that’s the way we’re wired. We get that from Austin Powder.”

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  • Jeff Jones – Thomas Cavanagh Construction

    “Austin Powder has been a great company and great service for Cavanagh Construction over the years. They're a very, very, important piece of our company. The service is awesome. The workmanship from them is the best. It makes my life easy”. “Austin Powder is a really great company with a good long history and they're a good company to work with. I don't have any hassle. If I had a problem there, they wouldn't be here, right?”

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  • Mitchell Edwards – Pit Foreman, Luck Stone Corp.

    “Austin’s been a great company to work with. When I think of Luck Stone blasting, I think of Austin first. They are family. They are part of our industry, they are part of our business. They make things really easy when it comes to Luck Stone values – safety at the top of the list, they always come ready to work and ready to work safely.”

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Jsme tradičním výrobcem iniciačních systémů pro průmyslové trhací práce a disponujeme významnou technologickou a výzkumně-vývojovou základnou pro jejich výrobu a další rozvoj. We are a traditional manufacturer of initiation systems for industrial blasting operations and an important technological and research base for production and further development of initiation systems.

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Austin Powder Service CZ aktivně zavádí nejmodernější technologie a výrobky pro trhací práce, jako laserové zaměřování, elektronické modelování a elektronické rozbušky. Austin Powder Service CZ implements the latest technologies and products for blasting works, such as laser profiling, electronic modeling, and electronic detonators.

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