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The Blaster’s Guide can be printed as an Adobe Acrobat PDF by chapter or as a complete document.

Download The Complete Blaster’s Guide

The Complete Blaster’s Guide

A Resource for the Explosives and Blasting Industry

Download The Blaster’s Guide By Chapter

Chapter 1 | General Information

Contents:Blaster’s Tips • Blaster’s Rules • Misfire Procedures • Austin Powder Corporate Goals • Austin Powder Quality Policy • Austin Powder Safety Policy • References • Tables & Charts

Chapter 2 | PIB Catalog

Contents:Product Information Bulletins for all current Austin Powder products, including Seismic Products.

Chapter 3 | Seismic PIB Catalog

Contents:Product Information Bulletins for all current Seismic Austin Powder products.

Chapter 4 | SDS Catalog

Due to Updating, Austin Powder’s Safety Data Sheets are currently unavailable on this site at this time. If you need immediate assistance, please contact Austin Powder Company at (216) 464-2400.

Contents:Safety Data Sheets for all current Austin Powder products.

Chapter 5 | State & Federal Contact Information

Contents:Current contact information for organizations associated with blasting industry.

Chapter 6 | Glossary

Contents:Definitions and terms used in the blasting industry.